Health and Safety


The legal arena has never been tougher with the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, which came into force on 6 April 2008. Businesses who contravene health and safety legislation have never been more at risk of prosecution, including unlimited fines and even imprisonment.

Employers are responsible for providing safe and healthy workplace conditions and the right systems and methods for safe activities. Employees also have a vital part to play in the equation. They need the right knowledge and the right attitude to ensure this knowledge is implemented. This demands proper training in the basics of health and safety, as well as specific training for individual tasks.

Training in Health and Safety will assist businesses to comply with their legal requirements by demonstrating that members of staff have been trained in preventative approaches to hazards and promoting a ‘safe practice’ culture. the courses are designed to ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public and are applicable in any private or public sector environment.